Ohhhh baby. This podcast is JUICY! We covered so many topics but the core theme is the balance of feminine & masculine energy in our lives. We live in an energetic world & yet we are raised to hustle, to ignore our own intuition & bodies and to follow the herd.

You were never meant to be the same as anyone else though….

Are you more masculine or more feminine, do you know what the difference is? Do you need a rest or is it fear secretly sabotaging? Do you feel safe to let good things into your life or have you shut down because of previous trauma & now you are blocking out the good things as well as the things you do not desire? We cover it all!

Jenna, you are such a powerhouse. Thank you! Folks, you can go & check out Jenna more here: https://www.soulmeetsstrategy.com/?r_done=1