Weight loss, diets, emotional eating, self- loathing, comparison, avoiding mirrors, avoiding photographs, feeling like we aren’t good enough.

I have tears streaming down my face as I write this. I had no intention of creating this conversation for a few months but my intuition was strong about it needing to be today, so here I am!

This morning, I came home from boxing and I felt like a million bucks. Strong, happy, confident, so at peace with myself and exactly who I am. Then I had a shower and put on a dress that slipped on that had not fit a week and a half ago & me downsizing was done with total ease & joy. It’s been fun even. And I realised. The mindset tools I have and have embodied in my own life, the knowledge I have on the subconscious mind & how to reprogram it, the self-worth & self-love journey I have been on, the healing, the forgiveness, all of it = a MASSIVE breakthrough in my own life & I have to share it with you.

This feels like a full circle moment. I worked with thousands of women as a Photographer and learned how deep the lack of self-worth, body image hang ups, self-loathing & feelings of not being enough go, and through that I was inspired to become a Mindset Coach. Now I have learned HOW to transform all these things.

I think this podcast might be the most important thing I have ever created & it’ll absolutely destroy the feelings of failure you may have, teach you WHY your mind responds the way it does and how it is working to keep you safe and then what to do to change your destiny.

I am still going on my journey but I feel like I’ve already won & I have no issue sharing my story as I am on it until waiting until the end. Remember, it’s not the external that makes us feel better, but the peace, the confidence, the energy, the joy & all the beautiful new beliefs & stories we hold. Everything else is just a bonus, but when we change the inner world the outer world must reflect it back to us. Happy listening!