Welcome to this week’s podcast! Real talk, it triggered the shit out of me! Immediately after exiting the call, my mind was flooded with fear. 



Fear of judgement from others.

Fear of projection from others.

Judgement of myself.

I noticed myself projecting fears about what I perceive other people will think.

And the funny thing was, it was everything Libby & I had just discussed. We stirred up my inner world and these things rose to the surface to be acknowledged.

We had discussed holding our sense of self-worth & integrity no matter what.

We had talked all things healing, growth and rising into our next level versions of ourselves and how WE set the standards for our lives & relationships.

We had discussed how we have no idea what other people think & how it is none of our business (and how to navigate your relationships as things change).

But the truth for me was, this topic brought up a lot. I was triggered  because there were still parts within me that required healing, parts that I thought I had healed *LOL*

My truth is, that on this path I have found the issue of relationships with others and my relationship with myself to be the most confronting and painful part. Learning my worth, learning to say no, learning to be me and be seen, learning to hold boundaries and learning that it is up to me to choose who I allow in my life and my energy has been life changing, and brutal. There have been countless tears shed and journals filled as I got clearer on how I wanted to spend my time, who it would be with and how my new boundaries really triggered several people who I really loved.

In becoming myself, and as I continue to do so more and more, I committed to being someone who would speak and share the uncomfortable and vulnerable stuff as well as the beautiful. That means, the real thoughts & experiences I have had and how I navigated them. And so, here it is. 

I invite you to listen to this absolutely powerful and transformative episode with an open heart & an open mind. With absolute compassion for yourself and others while asking yourself what gets to shift next in your life for you to be in even more integrity & happiness and what your new standards for yourself are.

You can find Libby here: https://www.libbywallace.com