Wild- Coaching for Creatives

 I remember it so well…

 The moment that I decided I had to create something for the creatives. As I sat in a business workshop, the business coaches talked about lead generation, getting in front of people, outreach etc. I remember thinking, that’s all very well but what if you’re a creative who doesn’t believe in herself?  Selling my art is different than selling mortgages. And, a seed was sown. Introducing, Wild!

This is a high level mastermind designed to propel you so far forward and to radically transform you, your business, your dreams, your self-worth, your mindset and how you show up in your business and in life. I’m going to push you, hard. If you are absolutely sick of the struggle, the fear, the comparison, I’ve got you.

What you feel about yourself is showing up around you. Your external reality is literally a reflection of what’s going on inside you. So, as  you level up, so does your business. So does your money. So do the sort of people attracted to you. As we shatter your limits, your fears, your feelings of unworthiness and imposter syndrome as well as creating a vision of where you’re going that is absolutely electrifying, we will transform your whole world.


 So! It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of my signature group coaching programmes, Wild.  Side note, this is not for the faint of heart.


 Wild is an 8 week online group coaching & 1 on 1 programme that is for everyone who is ready to let go of the excuses, the fears and create an impact, a business & a life of their dreams. The soul (pun intended) purpose of Wild is to instil within you a sense of purpose, power and worthiness so strong that you confidently forge the trail calling your name. 

 What’s included?


  • 4x fortnightly weekly group coaching calls for 2 hours via Zoom (they go so fast believe me!)
  • 8 week programme
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for support from myself & your tribe. They will become your cheerleaders & your accountability buddies.
  • 4x 90 minute 1:1 sessions with me on the off call week. In person or via Zoom.
  • The group is capped at 5 so that we can create a really safe and supportive tribe
  • $2222 with payment plans available


 Please reach out if you have further questions or to discuss if this is the right fit for you! This programme is run regularly throughout the year so contact me for dates. Also check out my other group coaching programme Revive if this isn’t the full body yes from you that we want!