Revive: Ignite Your Spark

“Your limitation, it’s only your imagination.”

“I just couldn’t be more blown away. 

Being a new entrepreneur, I felt confident in my abilities but I still had so many limits on myself and my abilities. Working through the different modules of the course with Monica has literally just opened up my mind, my eyes and my heart in so many incredible ways. Monica’s approach to her coaching is no joke, and you really have to be very present, committed, and prepared to dig deep but that’s what I wanted and I felt so safe and supported the whole way through. While some of the modules were pretty hard and they have the ability to uncover some sticky stuff to work through, I feel truly so much better for doing the work. 

I feel like my outlook is so full of possibilities and I am no longer standing in the way of myself. My path is becoming so clear and I have finally realised how to believe in myself and my talents – no limits. I  just feel so much gratitude for Monica.  I really could not recommend her enough as a coach and a mentor and I’m sure the collective of awesome, abundant boss babes she is working with will all say the same!” Rachel Riddle


Online programme coming! Email me if you’d like me to let you know once it’s live.