Anything to do with this girl always hits me in the feels. Many of you will know that I first became a Photographer because I wanted to create a legacy for my little brother who passed away in 2007. When he passed, Mel was his girlfriend (well- one of them) haha. They were 9, it doesn’t count. Anyway!

As I studied Photography, I reconnected with Mel to help me with a personal project and we stayed connected ever since. It was a portrait of her on the back of my camera that made me believe I could actually do this for the first time, and so roughly 14 years after we met, I got to photograph her maternity shoot. I cried through the whole edit.

Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous!? Congrats Mel & Shane, it was SUCH a pleasure to be able to share this with you and to be the one who got to capture such a special time.

All my love! XX