Elevate: Self-Study

I have just finished the Elevate course that Monica has created, and it has been one of the most in depth and amazing things I could have ever done for myself. Each module is so gently created and very supportive. I would recommend anyone that feels a little stuck to this course.
Gail Godtschalk

Massage Therapist

Your subconscious mind is driving 95% of your behaviour and it’s outside of your conscious awareness. What if you got sooo much insight into what was going on in your mind, your choices, your thought processes, why you seem to keep self-sabotaging? Then you could choose to change, to heal, to create new beliefs that serve you in every area of your life. I’ve got you!

Elevate is a Self-Worth & Self- Study programme designed to elevate you from feeling stuck and uncertain to strong, empowered and confident. It’ll guide you to feel, to heal, and to create a clear vision for your life. I am with you the whole way, and you will spend a lot of time in your journal reflecting.

With this awareness, this understanding of how our mind works & a vision for our life that actually feels exciting, we can get results we only dreamed of.