Elevate: Self-Coaching Programme

Welcome! This is the first step to your next level.

“I have just finished the Elevate course that Monica has created, it has been one of the most in depth and amazing things I could have ever done for myself. Each module is so gently created and very supportive. I would recommend anyone that feels a little stuck to this course. “ Gail Godtschalk

I am so excited that you’re here! Elevate is a 4 week programme that you can do at home. It is highly reflective and requires your full commitment to yourself. You won’t need anything but an internet connection and a readiness for growth.

 Elevate is about helping you to rise to a new level. My absolute belief is that self-worth is at the core of everything, and once you are on your own side and believe in yourself and what you are capable of, nothing is out of reach. The programme focuses on building you up from the inside out, confronting limits and beliefs that are holding you back, and helping you to get clear on exactly where you are going.

 You are the only one who can create change in your life, and so I invite you to be completely raw and honest with yourself.

 The 4 modules I have created for this programme have been the most important & transformative areas that have created massive shifts & change in my life.  This work is confronting and challenging, and for that reason I have made sure that you’re not alone.

 What it includes:

  • Stationery & some goodies posted to your home

  • 4x weekly modules
  • Access to a Facebook group for support
  • A 30 minute call/in person meetup at the end of your programme


 Please email me or reach out if you have any questions, or click the contact me button below to sign up.