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"Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined." Anonymous

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 When I started coaching with Monica xx months ago, I had no idea what the road ahead would look like. I was tired, burnt out and scared. I was focused on everything that could go wrong and couldn’t see a better way. Monica helped me change all that. Starting with mindset and meditation, we began creating a vision for how my cake business could grow. Each week we talked about my successes and what to do to overcome obstacles. She gently encouraged me to dream big, to dare to believe in myself and to create a better future. In a few short months, I’ve gone from hobby caker, obsessing about competition and worrying about being good enough, to opening my dream shop in an amazing location and feeling great about life. My journey with Monica has been life changing. And it’s not over yet!” – Bridget Cheesman






  • 3 Months Coaching Package. You will receive a 1 1/2 hour weekly session in person or via phone. $2999 paid upfront or weekly payments are $200 a week.
  • Single Coaching Session: 2 hours – $399. Limited spots available.

  • Group Coaching available and my self-coaching programme Elevate which is a 4 week at home option. (Links to both under the coaching tab at the top of the page).


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