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"Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined." Anonymous

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When I started coaching with Monica xx months ago, I had no idea what the road ahead would look like. I was tired, burnt out and scared. I was focused on everything that could go wrong and couldn’t see a better way. Monica helped me change all that. Starting with mindset and meditation, we began creating a vision for how my cake business could grow. Each week we talked about my successes and what to do to overcome obstacles. She gently encouraged me to dream big, to dare to believe in myself and to create a better future. In a few short months, I’ve gone from hobby caker, obsessing about competition and worrying about being good enough, to opening my dream shop in an amazing location and feeling great about life. My journey with Monica has been life changing. And it’s not over yet!” – Bridget Cheesman

“Monica’s energy is infectious. She has an amazing ability to completely change your emotional state with her wise words and incredible presence. Every time I spend time with her I feel lifted. In my last meeting with her I walked away with 5 pages of notes and inspiration for my next steps forward. I went from being on a level 1 emotionally to a level 10. You will not regret working with her. She has the ability to help you smash your goals and face your inner most workings in the kindest but also most driven of ways. I feel so blessed to have met her and feel honoured to call her a friend” Hannah Gaisford



 As you are looking for the right option, I invite you to feel into which one feels right for you. I am always here if you need some help figuring it out too 🙂 

  • Untamed 1:1. This a fast & powerful programme designed to help you feel really empowered, brave & confident in yourself. The focus is on helping you to get out of your own way so that you can run wild! Included are 2x 90 minute sessions which will run over a fortnight.  Session 1: Awareness & Self-Worth, Session 2: Vision & Limits. Your investment is $499.
  • Untamed Tribe. Community is everything. I created the tribe to be a place of connecting with your peers, your fellow visionaries who are out there, growing, pushing, driving, chasing their vision. My intention is to challenge & push you to your next level, while being in the most supportive environment. This is a monthly subscription based group capped at ten members which includes:
  • access to a private Facebook community where we can support each other, discuss what’s coming up for you, celebrate your wins & where your peers & myself will support you to stay accountable
  • weekly video & theme for you to focus on each week
  • a powerful Mastermind group coaching session on the last Thursday of each month for 2 hours via Zoom from 7-9pm
  • Your investment is $160 a month or set up a payment plan of $40 a week 

  • 1 month. This includes a weekly 90 minute session either in person or a call. We will really hone in on the most important areas for us to work on developing & you will be given tools to run with on your own. Your investment is $999 with 20 minutes each week of texting/emailing/talking to keep you on track & feeling supported.


  • 3 months. This includes a weekly 90 minute session either in person or a call. You will get a Monday message from me to start your week and you will have access to me via text/message for up to 20 minutes each week so if anything is coming up for you we can address it or celebrate it before the next session! You will also receive some welcome goodies to help set you up. Your investment is $2499. 

 There are payment plans available so reach out to discuss the best option for you. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly options are available.

  •  I run my signature Group Coaching programme Revive throughout the year & I also offer an at home coaching programme. See button below for more info.

  Reach out & book a complimentary 15 minute catch up to see how we could work together.


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