Hey Rockstar!

My Mum once gave me an amazing piece of advice.

She said ” you should find the thing that makes you forget to eat, and forget what time it is.”

In other words, find the thing that consumes you and where you find yourself in Wonderland.

 As a Coach specialising in helping women reconnect to their confidence, their self-worth and their power, my absolute passion is to remind you of who you really are. I work alongside my clients in a very intuitive way, and no session is ever the same. It’s all about you and what is most going to serve you.

Through years of photographing women, I saw hundreds of incredible humans stand in front of my camera with no idea of how powerful, talented, loved and worthy she is.

 This was a problem for me.

What I loved was that within minutes I was able to use photographs to show people themselves from the inside out, but I started to desire more. I realised that what I was doing was so much more than taking photographs. It was about reminding people that they are good enough, strong enough, worthy enough. 

I realised that really I was a worthiness coach. My greatest intention and desire is to build people up so much that they then have the confidence and self-belief to go off and do all the things they know are calling them.

Those dreams you have are there for a reason. I know what it feels like to stand in front of a room full of people, voice shaking, knees knocking, filled with fear and imposter syndrome but unwilling to quit because you know really it is not an option. There is no Plan B.

What would you do if you weren’t scared? How would it feel to feel confident and powerful in your own skin? What would it be like to go after those dreams you have, no matter how big or small?

I’m so looking forward to getting to know each other.

With all my love, Monica