About me

You know, for the longest time I lived my life believing that I was nothing. I loathed myself, I focused on what was wrong and I struggled with depression & anxiety for a really long time.
As time went on, I started to realise that I actually had a lot more power to create my life than I ever imagined. I found myself being drawn to Portrait Photography, partly as a way to create a legacy for my little brother & partly as a way of being able to so quickly empower women. You can’t argue with your magnificence when it’s shining at you out the back of a camera right?

And then, a turning moment. My coach said to me “Monica, you know you’re a coach right.” I said “yeah, yeah” and she said “can you imagine doing what you do but without a camera?” Light bulb on. Aha moment. I’m surprised Oprah didn’t manifest in that moment. I had already created a podcast to connect with people & to cut the BS that we see online. I wanted truth, vulnerability, connection, realness. Then boom, I studied to be a coach & I became so clear so quickly who I wanted to work with. Visionaries. Leaders. Epic humans who knew they were here for more and were ready to do whatever it took to make it happen. I wanted the dreamers & the ones who no one else understood, but I did. Because I can see your potential. I can see your vision. You are magnificent & I’ve got you. I have so many options for you, let’s chat & figure out what is going to light you up.

Make sure you check out my podcast called Maiden Speech on Spotify & Itunes and join my group attached to the page, World Domination.

Thanks for being here X